Brazilian Straight

Naked Hair Brazilian Straight hair is the best texture in terms of maintenance. When wearing Naked Hair Brazilian Straight you will experience very minimal shedding and virtually no tangling. It can be straightened and curled. 


During warm weather seasons, it would be best for customers with natural hair to also consider a Naked Hair Brazilian Straight closure. Although Peruvian Straight blends well with any hair texture when heat is applied, maintenance and care can be reduced by installing a closure. 


"The Naked Hair Brazilian straight is gorgeous and soooo easy to maintain. I even wear it in short lengths which I never do with my extensions! Wearing shorter lengths, I am able buy 3 bundles whereas I normally purchase 4 to 5 bundles. I also love wearing it long because the straight hair measurements are true to bundle lengths so even Rapunzel is jealous when I wear my Naked Hair Brazilian Straight 26" bundles.

*Prices are per bundle.

  • Lengths:  10" - 32"
  • Wefts:  Machine Double Stitch
  • Style:  Peruvan Straight
  • Weight:  100 grams / 3.5 oz

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