Go Naked Hair was founded by Porsha Williams and Lauren Williams in 2013. The luxury hair company was founded on the belief that a women’s confidence is directly connected to how she feels about her hair. This belief has consistently been noted by founder Porsha Williams in many interviews.

Porsha Williams

Over the past 5 years, Porsha and Lauren have worked countless hours to source the best virgin hair. As consumers of their own products, these two owners personally tested numerous products in order rule out insufficient hair that continues to be sold to women today.

It is and has always been their mission to provide their customers with friendly, efficient customer service and real virgin hair. In addition, to what Go Naked Hair has always provided to their customers, they are beginning to launch a series of educational videos, blog, and articles. “We love our hair and as in house consumers of our own product, we have learned how to properly care for and style it. It’s time that we share that knowledge to give our customers the best experience possible…”

– Porsha Williams