How to Check If the Hair Is Real Virgin Hair

How to Check If the Hair Is Real Virgin Hair

Virgin hair is among the top-quality hair extensions to buy. There are many brands that sell virgin remy human hair extensions and add a huge price tag. It's essential for you to ensure that you understand how to tell if the extensions are real virgin hair.

What Is Real Virgin Remy Hair?

With virgin remy hair, the cuticles remain unscathed with each strand facing the same direction. Virgin hair has not been subjected to any type of treatment or processing. This type of hair is commonly used for weaves, wigs, and clips-ins. Virgin remy human hair clip-in extensions offer you versatility and you can remove them yourself without the need to see a hair stylist. With virgin human hair extensions clip-in, you can add volume to your hair in just a few minutes.

Examine the Hair for the Presence of Hair Cuticles

Virgin hair that has not been chemically processed should have hair cuticles. Try the hair cuticle feel test. To feel for the hair cuticle, run your fingers throughout the hair shaft. The strand of hair should have a smooth feel that is going downwards towards the direction of hair growth. On the other hand, you should feel a bit of resistance when you move your fingers in the opposite direction. If you do feel resistance, then it means that a non-stripped cuticle is there.

Check for Left-Over Chemicals

Authentic virgin hair should not have any chemical processing. Chemical processing includes perming, relaxing, and dyeing. Anything that is beyond water and heat processing is deemed to be chemical processing. To determine if the hair was chemically processed, perform a quick test. Begin by wetting the hair bundle, place a small amount of neutralizing shampoo, and then massage into the hair. If you notice that the shampoo causes the foam to turn pink, then chemicals have been placed in the hair. You can also perform a sniff test to see if you detect any chemical odors such as perm or relaxer.

Conduct a Smoke Test

To perform this test, use a lighter and set the ends of the hair on fire. If the hair is real, it will turn into ash. If it's synthetic, then the hair will turn into a sticky texture which will harden when it cools down. If you notice that the hair burns with a white smoke and turns into ash, then this is a sign that the hair is human and there are no synthetic fibers present.

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