Proper care of your hair extensions is essential to making sure they look smooth, shiny, and beautiful for a long time to come. If you care for your extensions correctly, they can last for six months or more. Even though your extensions are made of human hair, they do not need to be washed as often as the hair on your head since they don’t receive daily natural oils from your scalp. It is recommended that you wash your extensions every 15 to 20 times you wear them. So how should you wash your extensions? Keep reading to learn the best way to wash and care for your virgin Remy human hair extensions.

Brush the Extensions

Before you get your extensions wet, it’s important to brush them out. This will help to prevent any tangling during the washing process. Start brushing from the top of the extension to work out any knots without damaging the hair. Use a soft bristle brush or a wide tooth comb to do so. After brushing the extensions, place them on top of each other in a bundle to prevent the hair from getting tangled while you’re washing it.

Prep the Sink

First, wipe out the sink to make sure it’s clean. Then, plug the drain and fill the sink with warm water. Add a little bit of shampoo to the water and mix it around with your hands so it becomes dispersed evenly through the water.


Separate your extensions into smaller, more manageable bundles so you can guarantee that each extension gets washed thoroughly. Holding the bundle at the top, dip the extensions into the water and use your hands to wash them. Work the shampoo through the hair gently to avoid tangling. Once you are finished with the first bunch, place them neatly on a towel and repeat the process with the rest of the bundles.


Conditioning the extensions helps to keep them moisturized and soft. Squirt a large amount of conditioner into your hands and massage it through the extensions starting at the top and working your way down. For best results, let the conditioner sit on the hair for at least an hour. Then, completely rinse out the conditioner to get rid of any leftover residue.

Curly Brown Hair

Let Them Air Dry

Wring out any excess water that is left on the extensions. Then, lay each extension out separately to dry. Air drying the extensions makes them last longer than they would if you dried them using heat. Using a blow dryer can remove the moisture from the extensions and damage them. That said, if you need them to dry quickly and do decide to use a hair dryer, set the dryer to cool air and use a heat protectant spray first.

Comb the Extensions

Ordinarily, you should never comb wet hair since it is more elastic and can break more easily. However, to ensure that your extensions dry straight and don’t have any tangles, you can brush them with a wide tooth comb.

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