Debunking Common Remy Hair Extension Myths

Debunking Common Remy Hair Extension Myths

The hair care industry is not without its fair share of myths and misconceptions. When it comes to the best virgin Remy human hair extensions, however, you shouldn’t let these myths deter you from having voluminous, healthy-looking hair. Keep reading to learn more about some of the most common myths and misconceptions about hair extensions.

Extensions are Uncomfortable

Some people think that hair extensions are uncomfortable and itchy. They also think that the extra weight will cause neck strain or headaches. While it may take some getting used to, extensions look and feel like your real hair when they’re installed correctly. The best and most comfortable way to wear your extensions is to attach them to the base of the hairs rather than directly on the head. This allows the extension to move naturally with your real hair. It’s also more comfortable compared to attaching them directly to the scalp.

Extensions Won’t Blend

Another common misconception about extensions is that they don’t look natural and they won’t blend with your hair type. If you have thick hair follicles, it’s natural to be concerned about this. An extension’s ability to blend seamlessly with your natural hair is usually determined by its quality. A high-quality extension made from real hair will look and feel more natural than a synthetic brand. The only way to really find your match is to try different styles, colors, and hair types until you find your perfect match.


Extensions Damage Your Hair

With all the chemicals and styling tools used in modern hair care, it’s natural to assume that anything you put in your hair can cause damage. If you have thin or brittle hair, this is a valid concern; however, it's unwarranted. Extensions are safe to use in your hair if they are installed properly and you take good care of your hair. Caustic treatments like bleaching should be avoided because this will weaken your hair at the roots where the extension is attached. Treat your roots and your scalp to extra conditioning products that will help strengthen follicles and reduce dryness.

Extensions are Hard to Maintain

Just like your real hair, your extensions need a little help to maintain their appearance. If you don’t take care of your extensions and store them properly, they will knot and fray more quickly. The easiest way to take care of your extensions is to brush them every day like you do you real hair. Hold the root of the hair where the extension is attached so you don’t damage the bond. Never brush them when they are wet and use the low setting on your hair dryer if you need to blow-dry.

You don’t have to wash your extensions every day. In fact, not washing your hair every day is better for your scalp because you aren’t washing away oils that protect the follicles. Between washes, use dry shampoo and style like normal. Avoid hair care products that contain sulfates, alcohol, and ethanol because they can damage the extension bond as well as your natural hair. For low-maintenance, natural-looking extensions, check out the selection of virgin Remy human hair extensions from Go Naked Hair by visiting

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