An At-Home Quick Weave Guide

An At-Home Quick Weave Guide

Getting those long locks you love has never been easier than with the help of virgin human hair tape in extensions, also known as a quick weave. While many people opt to have their extensions installed by a professional in a salon, you can also put them in yourself. With a few quick and easy steps, you’ll have the full, luscious hair that you’ve always dreamed of.

Choose Quality Hair

The first thing to remember when putting in your own extensions is that quality matters. If you want great looking extensions, choose virgin human hair and not synthetic. Synthetic extensions are harder to maintain and never look as natural as human hair. Plus, human hair lasts much longer than synthetic options.

Glue Color

Once you’ve chosen the right type of extension hair, choose a glue color that won’t show on your scalp. If you have blonde or light hair, a white bonding glue is best. For those with brown or black hair, select black glue. If you’re not sure which type of glue is best, ask a sales associate at your beauty supply store.

Attaching the Extensions

To begin the extension process, section off your hair. Create a U-shaped part above the nape of your neck. The cleaner the part, the better the glue will adhere. Then, measure the track to the part that you just created. Apply a line of glue around the top track of the extension. Use a blow dryer on high for a few seconds to make it tacky but not runny. Finally, press the extension onto your hair about a half-inch from the root. Stretch the track so that it’s taut, ensuring that there are no bubbles along the weave. Use a blow dryer on the extension line for another few seconds and then let the glue dry. Create an additional part about 2 to 3 inches above your first and repeat the process as needed until you reach your ears.

Creating a glamorous look with glue-in extensions is easy! If you’re apprehensive about using the glue method, consider using a quick weave of virgin human hair extensions that clip in instead. It’s an instant, and less permanent way, to increase length and fullness. Find the extensions you're looking for at Naked Virgin Hair.

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