A Guide on Different Types of Curls

A Guide on Different Types of Curls

Having beautiful hair is a priority for many people, and understandably so. That's why so many women are turning to 100 virgin human hair extensions to achieve the luscious locks and lovely looks they've always wanted. Curls are one of the most coveted hairstyles out there, and it's easy to see why. They are naturally gorgeous no matter what color or texture. With the best virgin human hair extensions coming in all sorts of curls, it only makes sense to go over some of the different types of curls you should know about!

S-Shaped Curls 

Known as 3a curls, these big and bold loose curls showcase an obvious S-shape, and each individual curl is nice and thick, like a piece of sidewalk chalk. While these curls are undoubtedly gorgeous, this hair type requires products to combat common challenges like frizz and loss of definition. By embracing these stunning curls that not everyone is lucky enough to have, women can feel so confident with both their inner and outer beauty.  

3b Curls

These gorgeous curls have a coarse texture that creates hair that's more tightly wound and about as wide as a marker pen. Although this style may lack a bit of shine, there's so much volume to make up for it. Many people with this hair type, or the best quality virgin human hair extensions with 3b curls, use specially-designed styling creams that fight frizz and humidity while adding definition. 

Corkscrew Curls

Also referred to as 3c curls or ringlets, this hair type has very thin, tightly-packed curls. Oftentimes these curls are no wider than a pencil and are tightly packed together on top of the head. Although this hair has a fine texture, there's still plenty of volume there, and hair stretching techniques can help to prevent shrinking and short strands. Women with these ringlet curls stand out from the crowd and look wonderful with their natural hair on full display.
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