New!! Peruvian Curly Hair

Naked Hair Virgin Peruvian Curly (aka tight curl) is the highest quality Peruvian hair. The curls are soft and easily maintained with proper care (please see FAQs). Unlike straight hair measured in its natural state, curly hair is measured when stretched. Porsha loves wearing her 3-4 bundles of Peruvian curly as long as 30" inches to ensure long lengths down her back.** 

" The  Naked Virgin Hair Peruvian Curly  is so fun to play with during the summer! I wear the curls natural sometimes  for a wash and go look. Other times I "wand" them to make them appear bigger for a glamorous look. This is best to do with curly hair as opposed to straight or body wave because the wanded curls don't fall as fast "  -  PORSHA WILLIAMS
*Prices are per bundle


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