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If Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams had a signature hairstyle it would be the side part with luscious, big-body waves.

And while she is primarily known for wearing protective styles in the form of extensions, weaves and wigs, a few weeks ago the reality star shocked us all when she posted a selfie with the caption, “bald is beautiful…”

The Internet went crazy thinking Williams had ditched her signature style in favor of a low cut buzz. We now know she was wearing a wig cap.

“I really didn’t expect anybody to believe that I had actually shaved my hair,” Williams told ESSENCE. “My natural hair is pretty short because I’m playing Connie in the play, Two Can Play That Game. [My hairstylist] put a wig cap on me to put a full lace wig on, and before he did I snapped a shot and posted it.”

While Williams loves short hair—she rocked a pixie cut last year—she says a buzz cut probably won’t happen anytime soon. She does, however, love to rock her natural hair underneath her pieces. “Last year I did a big chop to switch it up, but during filming, or when I have a lot of appearances, I like protect my natural hair,” she adds.

While she’s always had love for her natural locs, it was a traumatic experience in high school that lead her to wearing protective styles as a teenager. “I had really long hair in high school. I got microbraids that took it out when it tangled, and my mom had to cut it all off. That’s when I had to start wearing protective styles.”

Williams doesn’t perm her hair, but like a growing number of naturalists, she does relax her edges.

“I will say when I’m doing a lot of bookings I’ll take a toothbrush on the edges. And the perm that I like to use is Just for Me — it’s gentle and it’s quick,” she revealed.

While it may be surprising to hear that a self-proclaimed naturalista still uses perm, a growing number of Black women with natural hair are relaxing their edges. A quick search on YouTube, and countless videos abound showing Black women either confessing to doing so, or demonstrating the process.

Our varied approaches to caring for and maintaining our natural hair are what make us unique. While it may be easy to judge or label someone based on their hair choice, doing so is to negate the freedom of personal choice, and we would never want to do that.

Porsha Williams and the entire cast of Real Housewives Atlanta return for season 10 on November 5th.

Porsha Williams loves to experiment with her hair color. We’ve seen The Real Housewives of Atlanta beauty rocking jet-black curls, blonde waves, and — as of last month — red locks a la Poison Ivy. But why stop there, when there are so many more colors in the rainbow? And in a new batch of Instagram photos, the Georgia Peach showed off her latest attempt to tackle every last hue.

Starting on July 21, Porsha began posting photos of herself with long, curly tendrils that have a bright but deep purple hue. (Just think of the most glamorous eggplant you’ve ever seen — you’ll get an idea.) In a series of snaps from July 25, the television host gave fans a close-up view of her new ‘do — which even has its own theme song.

“Alexa play ‘Purple rain,'” Porsha wrote in her caption. And you can see why:

To complement her aubergine tresses, the Atlanta pal swiped her lips with a pale pink gloss, and made her eyes pop with coppery shadows and a lush set of lashes. No shrinking violet here!

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams has a new hair color and it’s red-hot.

The reality star turned businesswoman took to Instagram to debut a fire engine red hair color that is super cute. The perfect blend of bright and burgundy, the color is bold yet still wearable.

Known for her signature deep waves and black tresses, this is one of the first times we’ve seen the star really play with her hair color. We hope this is just the beginning of her experimentation and that Porsha continues to have fun with her hair color like so many of our other favorite reality show stars.

It’s clear she too was enjoying her new ‘do, and posted several pictures of the beautiful color.

Are you planning to change up your hair color now that summer is officially here?

Hair chameleon Porsha Williams has rocked it all: red, purple, blonde, you name it. But it looks like her latest hair color may have just won her over.

This past weekend, the pregnant The Real Housewives of Atlanta stunner hosted a gender reveal party. It was there that Porsha found out that she and her fiancé, Dennis McKinley, are expecting a baby girl. Porsha went all out for the carnival-themed bash and ordered a custom wig for the occasion, and she’s been wearing it ever since.

The lace wig is a bright blue hue with light pink tips, and Porsha is completely smitten with it. The RHOA pal even shared her love for her new hair on Instagram, writing that she’s “obsessed” with the wig created by hairstylist Alonzo Arnold. We don’t blame her. This hair looks absolutely amazing on Porsha. Who else could look this fierce in a bright blue wig?

The radio host has even worn the blue hair to her gig at “Dish Nation.”

This is definitely a *lewk.* Wouldn’t you agree?

Real Housewives of Atlanta star and Dish Nation personality Porsha Williams is not only a master of the spotlight, but she has mastered the art of wigology too.

The 36-year-old Georgia peach invited Allure into her wig-room — yes, a whole room just for her wigs — and who they met in the room is truly captivating. Although it is said wigs can be found in any given room/area in the house and Williams’ car, the wig haven houses about 40 wigs. We are introduced to three specific wigs: Carrington, “a Georgia housewife who spends her weekends browsing housewares at Z Gallerie and speaking intently into her Android phone.”; Olivia, “the executive chairwoman of the board of trustees of some company that is both charitable and economically formidable.”; and Pocahontas, “a princess, daughter of Powhatan, jewel of the Tsenacommacah, savior of men, and star of her own eponymous Disney film, with twin cascading tresses that part down the center of her head.”

In addition to the unspoken personalities, visitors of the wig room are able to see a spread of different hair colors, textures and styles, all curated by Williams and her wigmaker. If this all sounds like an intricate, mechanical process, you are not alone in your thinking. Hair is Williams’ passion. From wearing/assisting in creating units to selling hair on her site Go Naked Hair, her interest in the endless possibilities surrounding hair grew from an interest into an obsession.

According to Allure, she has been wearing partial weaves since her high school days but began dabbling in wearing varied hairstyles units after her divorce. For her, being able to pop on a new persona and switch it if the mood was right was empowering. Not only did her provide her a new creative outlet but it allowed her to fall in love with herself again.

Williams’ wigs are more to her than units of carefully crafted hair, it’s a passion; even her assistant is a part of her wigs/wig room maintenance squad.

“When my assistant got hired, he didn’t think that half of his job would be maintaining my babies,” Williams told Allure.

Her assistant takes photos of the wigs and Williams carefully examines each to give instructions on which need treatment and which can return to their private room in her home. These wigs have got it made and we can’t tell who we are more envious of: the Atlanta Housewife or her wigs!